Employee Theft & Internal Fraud

Corporate fraud is costing the Australian economy $5.8 billion a year – and surveys show these costs have jumped as a result of the global economic crisis.

We provide advice on implementing security policies to identify and combat theft or fraud in the workplace. We are also experienced in conducting whistleblowing, fraud and misconduct investigations.

Employment related theft can include:

  • Money
    Money is one of the most common assets that are stolen from employers.
  • Time
    Theft of time occurs when an employee is paid for time which he or she did not work. Usually this happens through falsifying time records.
  • Supplies
    Theft of supplies is another prevalent form of employee theft. Common examples of this form of theft are office supplies (paper, computers, cabinets, etc.) and restaurant supplies (food, condiments, silverware, etc.).
  • Merchandise and company property
    Theft of merchandise refers to theft of products that are meant to be sold. A good example of theft of company property is product displays.
  • Information
    This is probably the most damaging of all the forms of theft. Common examples of this are theft of product design and trade secrets. Businesses should be fully aware of how theft of information can cripple their business operations.

How can we help?

We have highly experienced and skilled staff that are able to discreetly investigate suspected employee misconduct or fraud. Our investigators, lawyers and computer forensics experts can often locate evidence of potential impropriety rapidly, discreetly and cost effectively.

Please contact us by telephone (1300 766 563) or email for a free, confidential discussion about employee theft or fraud.